A New Generation of Healers

Modern, Empowered, Interdisciplinary

Healers Circle is part of a global movement redefining what it means to be a healer in our society today. The last decades have seen a foundational shift in bridging contemplative practices and sacred arts with science and medicine.

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What We Do

We are a resource and education platform for teachers and facilitators of contemplative practices and sacred arts in Asia.

We aim to grow and nurture the new generation of healers amongst us by leveraging collaborative power. We facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and insight through:

  • Peer-to-Peer Network

  • Mentorship Program

  • Educational Initiatives

  • Community Teaching


Core Values

Our core values are rooted in non-competitive, non-violent and non-hierarchical practices of community building. We are committed to inclusivity, diversity and transparency in our methods and teachings.

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Founding Partners

Our teachers are selected based on their years and depth of personal contemplative training and study.


Dr Crystal Goh

Founder, Partner in Contemplative Sciences

Crystal is a neuroscientist, associate psychotherapist, Zen practitioner and a certified Mindfulness teacher with 6000+ hours of formal meditation training across Asia and US. She teaches for China’s largest psychology and mindfulness platforms with a reach of over 20 million users, and continues to partner with world leaders in the field of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, including Jack Kornfield, Jon Kabbat Zin and Tara Brach to bring Mindfulness to China. She has led meditation retreats, workshops and classes in China and US for participants of all ages and backgrounds, from tech giants like Google and Alibaba to patients and clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Previously, Crystal was the Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Leap, China's leading AI solutions provider for ADHD and child mental health technology. She is currently the founder of Insight Science, an R&D consultancy bridging big-data in contemplative science to deliver evidence-based programs.


Maggie Lin, MPhil

Co-Founder, Partner in Mindfulness & Yoga

Maggie devotes herself to living and sharing yoga and mindfulness. She is a Lululemon ambassador and Hong Kong representative for 2020 Global Ambassador Summit. She completed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Foundations Teacher Training, 600 hours Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance), mainly under the guidance of Dr. Helen Ma and Janet Lau. Experience with eating disorder as a teenager sparked the beginning of her well-being exploration, and she is deeply touched by the healing power of the practice.

Her family name Lin (連) means “to connect”, same as the Sanskrit word for yoga - yuj. Connecting with the body-mind, with others, with the world guides her life and teaching. Previously, she was a tennis representative for Hong Kong, wrote a master thesis (Anthropology) on yoga and worked in United Nations agency and non-profit.


Genevieve Heng, MBChB

Founding Partner in Mindfulness & Coaching

Gen is a long time Mindfulness practitioner and teacher who has studied with teachers such as Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and Sayadaw U Tejaniya. Qualified as a medical doctor and having had a successful career in corporate Human Resources, Gen continues her deep aspiration to help others live well and to their highest potential through her current work in Mindfulness and Coaching. 

Gen is Level Two Certified in Coaching from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (www.iecl.com). She especially works with emerging and senior leaders to find intention, clarity and follow through as they are facing significant decisions and transitions in their life and careers. 

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Kumi Masunaga

Founding Partner in Community Arts

Kumi Masunaga is a performing percussionist, hand drum tutor, founding director and principal facilitator of Drum Jam.  She is a native of Japan and has been based in Hong Kong since 1990.  Motivated by a passion for making people happy through rhythm and a faith in the power of drumming, Kumi has been leading rhythm-based events in Asia for twenty years delivering a wealth of experience and boundless enthusiasm to each programme.  As a percussionist, she recognizes the extraordinary power of the drum as a healing, unifying and motivational tool, which can benefit many people from young to old, from corporate executives to special-needs, cancer survivors and the elderly.  Kumi also performs as a solo artist, as a music director, and works in several performing troupes. Kumi has a perfect-pitch and sees sounds in colors.


Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council, comprised of leaders in the fields of Contemplative Practice, Mental Health and Community Leadership, advises stakeholders of Healers Circle in matters of community service, teaching and reaching our mission goals.


Jack Kornfield, PhD

Spiritual Advisor in Contemplative Practice

Jack Kornfield, PhD is a world-renowned Buddhist teacher, international NYTimes bestselling author and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist Mindfulness practice to the West. Previously an ordained Buddhist monastic under Ajahn Chah and Mahasi Sayadaw, he is Founder of Spirit Rock, and has been training students in the Dharma for over 40 years.


Trudy Goodman, PhD

Clinical Advisor in Contemplative Science and Psychotherapy

Trudy Goodman, PhD, is Founding Teacher of InsightLA, Co-Founder of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy in Cambridge MA, and the earliest teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) together with Jon Kabat-Zinn. Trudy is a key figure in integrating the fields of Mindfulness with Psychotherapy in the West.


Teja Fudo Myoo Bell

Spiritual Advisor in Embodied Practices

Roshi Teja Fudo Myoo Bell is a recognized Zen Master from the Rinzai Zen lineage, a lifelong teacher of Aikido (6th degree Black Belt) and of Chinese Internal Arts 内功 with a special emphasis on the healing and restorative aspects of qigong and meditation. 

A committed practitioner of the Dharma and the Dao, as a qigong and dharma teacher, he teaches and leads retreats and trainings internationally and is a regular visiting teacher on residential retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where he has taught over 140 retreats since 1999 with many teachers in the Vipassana Insight Meditation tradition, including Jack Kornfield and Robert Hall.

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Juditta Ben-David, MA

Clinical Advisor in Trauma-Informed Mindfulness

Juditta is the pioneer of Mindfulness in Arabic, the worlds first platform of Mindfulness For Arabic Refugees & Displaced People. She is an expert in trauma-informed Mindfulness in conflict zones. 

A psychotherapist and international advanced instructor in the field of Mindfulness-based treatment of trauma and resiliency building (MBSE, CRM, DARe, SE, EMDR), Juditta has been working in areas of conflict since 2000, including Europe, Africa, and the Middle East with Syrian and Kurdish refugees and their counsellors, and continues to expand her work in cross-cultural groups. 


James Gimian

Executive Advisor in Community Leadership

James Gimian is the publisher for Shambhala Sun, Mindful Magazine and mindful.org, and the Executive Director of the Foundation for a Mindful Society. He has been leading the movement of civic engagement and leadership training within the mindfulness movement for the past 20 years.