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Community to Heal and Be Healed.

"May I be a guard for those without one,

A guide for all who journey on the road,

May I become a boat, a raft or bridge,

For all who wish to cross the water."

- The Prayer of Śāntideva


What is Healers Circle?

Healers Circle is a resource and education platform dedicated to the advancement of practitioners, teachers and facilitators of Contemplative Practices and Sacred Arts in Asia. We are part of a global movement redefining what it means to be a Healer in our society today.

We specialise in Online Classes in Mindfulness, Mind-Body Practices and Sacred Arts, taught by experts with many years of teaching and community building experience. Our Peer-Network and Mentorship Program is designed to support high-quality training and deep relationships.

We strive to make Mindfulness and Sacred Arts practices accessible to all communities with the intention to be inclusive across race, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, gender identity, religion, body size, ability, age, and class. We hold a firm policy that no one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Online Community Classes

Our online classes are a great way to access practice and find community no matter where you are. We offer a range of classes in meditation, movement, contemplative sciences and other healing traditions. All classes are delivered using tested tools and methods to ensure an accessible and inclusive experience.

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Free Community Class: Intro to Mindfulness (45 mins)

Perfect way to experience a Short Introduction to Mindfulness for free

Free Community Class: Laughing Yoga (30 mins)

Laughter is the best medicine! Invigorate your mind and body

Essentials of Mindfulness Course: 6 weeks (1 hour per week)

Learn the basics of Mindfulness for Resilience and Greater Joy

Intro to Loving-Kindness Course: 6 Weeks (1 hour per week)

A Heart-Opening Course for Self-Compassion and Healing



Stay tuned for class updates, special events and monthly reflections :)


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